Cancellation and Returns


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Customers can pay for their order through Credit Card, PayPal, or Cash on Delivery. Credit cards can include Visa and MasterCard. In the process of order placement, the system will request approval of the amount from the issuer of your card. After getting the required approval, the card issuer will be holding the amount waiting for a charge from us. Any credit card receipts received or debit of payments will not define order acceptance from our side. Please note that we will not be able to take the guarantee of the security of data transferred when you send us an email. Hence, it is suggested not to share any payment details with us via email. For more details for the safety and security measures, please refer to our Privacy Policy. We will not be liable to you for any losses occurred due to unauthorized access to your transactional and personal information you share with us while placing your order.


Please contact our Customer Care On-line in case you want to cancel your order. Because we continue to process orders immediately, an order cannot always be stopped. You can return your products in compliance with our Returns Policy (below) if your order has already been shipped.

Please note that once we have delivered products to you, no further services (e.g. gift wrapping, packing and shipping) can be concluded on contract with us for you. We refund the relevant part of the purchase price for your item as soon as we receive notification of cancelation. Shipping costs are not refundable if an item is delivered and an order cancelled.

Clients can cancel their orders 24 hours before the delivery date and time; refunds will be made back to the payment solution used initially by the customer. Please allow for up to 45days for the refund transfer to be completed.

Incorrect Items

Please notify our customer service as soon as possible when we have sent you an incorrect item, and they will pick up the incorrect item as per your suitability. Please inform us if you would like to refund your money, or receive the correct merchandise. If you would wish to receive the correct item please inform us and we will make sure to send you the correct item.


Any fair costs incurred by you in returning the following items: items shipped to you by accident, items damaged or unacceptable upon delivery, products that are a replacement for items originally ordered that we could not supply; items replacing items which we originally delivered.

You are responsible for safeguarding and taking appropriate care of these items before you return these items to us.


We will be liable if we breach these Terms and Conditions of Online Shopping for any damages that you and we have personally incurred when the selling arrangement of goods was concluded (i.e. at the point in time when we sent the confirmation email to you). The losses were reasonably foreseeable for you and us as a result. We shall not be responsible for any loss to you or a third party (including revenue loss, benefit, contractual losses, expected savings, waste, information or goodwill) or other loss or damages that may not explicitly be due to you as well as to us as a whole in connection with our activities or acts of our subcontractors or agents.

In compliance with those On-Line Terms and Conditions, our responsibility for you does not surpass the total price for the items bought. There is absolutely no liability for your personal injury or loss of life incurred by our negligence in these on-line shopping terms and conditions.

When delay or malfunction occurs from a cause other than our reasonable control we are not responsible for you for delaying or failing to fulfill our obligations under these On-line Shopping Terms and Conditions. Alterations to this website and Terms and Conditions

At any time, we reserve the right to revise this document, the terms of service for online shopping, the privacy policy and other policies which we may inform you of. When you use the website or order goods from the company you will be subject to the policies and terms and conditions in place. Changes that we have to make by law can refer to orders that you have already made. If for any reason any of the terms and conditions of the online shopping agreement is considered to be void, null or null, then the validity of the remaining terms and conditions is deemed to be severable and will not be affected as a result.


When you violate these Terms and Conditions of Online Shopping and we do not take any action we are still entitled to use our rights and redress in other cases where the breach occurs.


If an item has not been delivered, a refund can be obtained. When delivered, we will reimburse the amount paid minus the shipping and wrapping costs. Please note that card payments amount will be reimbursed to their account within 45 days. Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment. Furthermore, if the item is already shipped to the customer, it cannot be returned for a refund in order to ensure the freshness of the flowers, and because of the possibility that it contains food. It can be traded now. Refer to the above regulation of trade.

Change of Delivery Date for Perishables

The date of delivery of edible goods must be updated 24 hours ahead. Any request for change received with a notice of less than 24 hours would result in a fee of 50% on flowers and an additional 100% on edible items like chocolate, cookies, dates, fruit, etc.

Discount Codes, Rewards, and Complimentary Points

Discount Codes-Offers can only be made available by entering or calling in the promotional code you receive in your email from The deal only extends to home deliveries within the United Arab Emirates and is subject to availability, delivery rules and times. There may be more surcharges. No deals can be mixed, no goods can be made available and conditions and limits are enforced. The discount code must be inserted before the expiry date specified.

Incentives and Complimentary Points –Placed orders result in incentives for your purchases. Such rewards can be exchanged for future orders later. These bonuses can be obtained via the internet or calling. Rewards for local deliveries within the United Arab Emirates only are valid. The quality, distribution rules and times are subject to them. No other promotions or deals will combine points. The order shall be issued for the Rewards or Complimentary Points before the expiry date.

A reward is automatically added into your account by posting a review on Google+. A user can only receive up to 1,000 bonuses for posting Google+ reviews. These can be used at a later time for further transactions for returning clients and for the placement of multiple orders received by the same customer. Such bonuses are available online or by calling. For local deliveries, only points are valid within the United Arab Emirates. The quality, supply rules and times are subject to them. No other promotion or deal can match Points. Before the expiry date for the Rewards Points, the order must be released.

Free Shipping 

  • Free delivery all across the Dubai
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Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.