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WAZ Arts lets you experience arts with a twist by delivering unique premium party gifts around Dubai, UAE. With our luxury grazing platters and French macaroons, we are always ready to see you have a memorable memory regarding your events and parties.

In this post, we'll share more tips on how to create long-lasting impressions by presenting a party gift box of grazing platters and the famous French Macaroons.

Keep reading to learn more about these two selective party gift boxes.


Grazing Platters

At WAZ Arts Dubai, we offer various options of grazing platters. These include the cheese grazing platters, fruits & Cheese grazing platters, fruits grazing platters, as well as the unique Ramadan grazing platters. Each of these platters comes with a wide variety of cheese and fruits, perfect for any party. Our grazing platters are also unique in the sense that they come with a side order of French macaroons.

Cheese Grazing Platters

Are you looking for the perfect cheese platter to celebrate a special occasion in Dubai? Look no further! At WAZ Arts, we offer a wide array of grazing platters to fit any need. Our selection includes artisan cheese plates and charcuterie boards, perfect for gatherings of friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation party or an adult birthday party, our selection of grazing platters will have the perfect appetizer fit for your occasion!

Our selection of cheese grazing platters includes the Large Box of Cheese Grazing Platter & Medium Cheese Grazing Platter Box.

Go unique with this large box of Cheese grazing platter! This box comes with a variety of cheese, fruits, and crackers, making it the perfect gift for any party. It measures 13 inches wide x 18 inches long x 4 inches deep.


If you’re looking for a cheese platter that is more spacious, the Medium Cheese Grazing Platter Box from WAZ Arts is perfect for you! This box includes 4 servings of your favorite cheese, as well as space to add fruits or side dishes.


Cheese & Fruits Grazing Platter

Looking for an elegant way to serve your guests' fruit? Look no further


Our grazing platters resemble charcuterie and cheese boards. A large platter of snacks.

This grazing table is for grazing. The Large Combo Cheese and Fruits Grazing Platter Gift Box is structured to seem like a buffet while enabling guests to pick specific items. While tables are most frequent, any large flat surface can function, including a platter, board, counter, or floor.

  • Variety and excellence: Platter of high-quality cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, crackers, honey, and olive spread.
  • During harvest, a tray of the season's ripest fruits is prepared.
  • Cover transparent: Both boxes have clear coverings to keep them clean and elegant. Each container features a see-through plastic lid.
  • Providing: To ensure timely delivery, put your purchase at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date. This ensures you receive your purchase on time.
  • 12-14 guests: The big cheese and fruit gift package serves 12 to 14 people. It includes a cheese tray with premium cheeses and fruits and a fruit tray with ripe seasonal fruits.


Cheese and fruit platters make up "2 platters," a snacking combo. The Medium Combo Cheese and Fruits Grazing Platter Gift Box have the greatest cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, crackers, honey, and olive spread. During harvest, a tray of the season's ripest fruits is prepared.

Both boxes have clear coverings to keep them clean and attractive. It can fit 8-10 people.

Some features and benefits of Medium Combo Cheese and Fruits Grazing Platter Gift Box:

  • A 2-platter combo includes cheese and fruit plates.
  • Both boxes include transparent protective covers to keep them in pristine condition.
  • Cheese platter with olive spread.
  • Snack on crackers and chips from the package.
  • The box includes honey to sweeten dishes.
  • This combo includes a cheese platter with premium cheeses, fruits, and crackers.
  • This combo includes a fruit snack tray with premium fruits, honey, and olive spread.
  • Fits 8-10: This cheese-and-fruits combo serves 8-10 people.
  • Our crew is ready 24/7 to answer any inquiries about Dubai deliveries.



French Macarons Boxes

A popular favorite among all age groups, our French macaroons never disappoint! These crispy cookies are made using the finest ingredients and go exceptionally well with any beverage or dessert you may want to serve.


  1. X-Large Macarons Box

Order a large gift box from WAZ Arts featuring 80 macaroons. This luxury gift is perfect for any occasion and guarantees your loved one will be delighted.

Prepared by famous chefs, the macaroon tray is covered with a transparent protection cover to keep it clean, and the box comes with an elegant gold design. With a box size of 16x36x6 cm, this lavish gift is perfect for any special occasion. Add a touch of luxury to their day with our delicious macarons.

Delivered right at your doorstep, this decadent gift will show you're spoiling them properly! This present is perfect to refill your "PREMIUM BOX” with our famous chocolates, for a truly SPECIAL gift. It comes in Gold color and cost AED 800.

Order your X-Large Macarons gift box today!


  1. Medium Macarons Box

A macaron box is great for macarons. It comprises 19 macarons made by notable chefs and is covered with a clear cover to keep it clean and lovely.

  • Macarons are produced with pulverized almonds, eggs, and sugar. They're baked in molds to get the right form.
  • Delicious tastes - Enjoy our fresh-from-the-oven flavors.
  • The clear cover keeps macarons protected and is simple to remove for cleaning.
  • Elegant macarons box - The Macaron Box offers the best quality at a low price.
  • Premium box - The Macaron Box is great for everyone who likes real French Macarons.


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